Parent Component 

As part of our PBIS services, we would also like to extend our efforts to our parent community. In collaboration with our Parent Center, we will be offering a set of presentations and trainings to assist our parent community in understanding PBIS, learning about what each school is doing with their PBIS system, and building capacity within our own parenting community.

District Wide PBIS Updates

The PBIS District Wide Updates are held for parents and community members to be made aware of all the work our schools are completing, implementing, and sustaining with their PBIS system.

Parent Project

Parent Project is a course designed to give parents the tools and strategies necessary to provide positive and effective discipline. It mirrors much of the PBIS foundation and gradually builds on more skilled techniques with the difficulty of the issue at hand.

Parent Project Graduates - Wednesday, November 20, 2019 
Graduation Video Clip 

PBIS At Home

This is a 2-day workshop that will focus on teaching our parent community the foundational elements of PBIS. It will highlight core features that can also be implemented at home. Parents will be able to create a behavioral home matrix and know how to properly use the matrix as an intervention to provide structure and expectations at home.