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Principal’s Message

Picture of Alicante's principal

At Alicante Avenue Elementary School, our commitment is to provide a safe and intellectually challenging learning environment that will empower students to become innovative thinkers, creative problem solvers, and inspired learners. With family and community support, our students will continue to meet the challenge of achieving continuous academic improvement.  Our experienced faculty is a highly skilled and cohesive team with extensive professional expertise in accommodating diverse student learning styles and needs. We follow a strict, state-adopted curriculum and implement the best researched-based educational practices so that our students can meet and exceed the demanding Common Core State Standards. We strive to meet the individual needs of our students through the use of on-going assessments, followed by direct, interactive group instruction, and AVID implementation all coupled with appropriate interventions. Curricular focal points include a complete implementation of the adopted reading and math program, and our accelerated reading program successfully implemented in all the classrooms including our Special Day Classes. Technology is integrated throughout all curricular areas and its use reflects the school’s innovative approach to teaching and progressive learning.  We are especially proud of our school programs which include: Dual Language Immersion, GATE/Fast, Mainstream, Special Education, Music, Physical Education, AVID, and After School Program. Positive Behavior Intervention Support (PBIS) is embedded throughout the day in all aspects of the learning environment. The integration of these programs and strategies into our daily instructional program has the potential of increasing our students’ determination as they strive to do better.

The mission of Alicante School staff is to work collaboratively to ensure a safe and engaging learning environment in which all students will excel and learn to become: respectful, knowledgeable, highly productive, and skilled citizens.  Our students not only excel academically, but are also learning about respect, ethical values, and social skills, which Alicante Avenue School considers to be important components for our students to master. Through the implementation of PBIS and positive activities, we continue to foster an environment where students feel safe, comfortable, and respected. We ensure that students are always willing to take risks as they maintain academic growth.  

As principal, I will continue to provide support and instructional leadership for our entire staff by creating and maintaining a clear focus on creating a learner centered classroom environment where our students can be empathetic collaborators, innovative problem solvers, resilient learners, effective communicators, and responsive community members.