• Health Issues



    Parents will need to have a form titled “Pupil Medication to be administered at school” signed by their doctor so that medications can be administered at school.



    Head lice have become a permanent problem in society. Efforts to control the spread require strict regulations and complete parental cooperation. Any student who is found to have live lice will be excluded from school until the child’s hair is free from lice. Any student excluded with head lice must be examined again to be sure the hair is free of nits before being allowed back in class. If your child should be excluded for this reason, please let the office staff knows if you cannot afford to purchase the special shampoo needed to treat your child.


    Illnesses & Accidents

    In case a serious injury or illness should occur at school the office will be notified. A staff member in the office will notify the parent (s). In case of an extreme emergency or a life-threatening situation, we will call 911 emergency. Of course, we will also call a parent or the emergency contact provided on the emergency card.