• Children are encouraged to come to school neat clean and in their uniforms.

    A uniform policy has been in place at the Lamont Elementary School since 1998. The school uniform is displayed in the school office. School uniforms have been found to enhance the school environment by creating a safer and more academic setting for students. No student shall be denied attendance at school, penalized or otherwise subject to compliance measures for failing to wear a uniform by reason of financial hardship. With the commencement of each school year, the Lamont School shall:

    1. Identify families in need of financial assistance
    2. Display a flyer describing the uniform and listing the variety of vendors. The flyer shall state that, in cases of severe financial hardship, parents may contact the school by phone, mail, or in person to request assistance.
    3. Work with staff, the Family Service Center, the local school community and business partners to identify resources with participating schools.
    4. Develop incentives and positive reinforcement measures to encourage full compliance with the uniform policy.
    5. Resort to disciplinary action only when positive measures fail to ensure compliance.
    6. Communicate with parents so that expectations, rationale benefits are fully understood by the student and his/her family.

    Prior to initialing any disciplinary action against a student not complying with the policy, a conference with the parent must be held with a school administrator or counselor to solicit parental cooperation and support. Disciplinary action is to be initiated only after all other means to secure support and cooperation as mentioned above has not succeeded.

    A “progressive discipline” approach is to be employed by the school support staff so as to encourage full and consistent compliance with the least amount of disciplinary action. The same disciplinary actions applied to enforce other school and District rules may be utilized.


    No student shall be considered non-compliant with the policy in the following instances:


    1. When non-compliance derives from financial hardship
    2. When a student wears the uniform of a nationally recognized youth organization such as the Boy Scouts on regular meetings days.
    3. When wearing a school uniform violates a student’s sincerely held religious belief.
    4. When a student’s parent or guardian has secured an exemption from the uniform policy.


    Boys shall wear Navy blue or khaki pants or shorts and white, red, sky blue or navy blue collared shirts (dress shirts or golf shirts but not T-shirts unless it is the Lamont T-shirt).


    Girls shall wear Navy blue or khaki skirts, shorts or pants and white, red, sky blue or navy blue blouses or top (or the Lamont T-shirt).