• We operate every regular school day during the regular school year,  beginning immediately upon conclusion of the regular school day, and at least until 6:15 p.m.


    Regular Day Schedule:


    Starts at 3:15pm

    until 6:15pm


    Enrichment Activities

    M, W, Th:

    * Korean Language & Culture       *American Sign Language

    *Scrapbooking                                *Sewing                                     

    *Math Field Day games                  *Chess

    *Photo/Video Production              *Computer Skills                         

    School football and Volleyball


    T, F:

    *Volley Ball                                  *Fitness Training

    *Choir                                          *Flutophone/ musical reading



    Homework assistance and Healthy snacks/ supper is offered everyday of the week

  • Erika Garcia

    Site Coordinator

    After School Program