School Uniform Policy

  • Alicante School is a uniform school. 

    STUDENT DRESS CODE:  The Governing Board believes that all students have the right to an equal education in a positive environment free from disruptions and peer pressures which interfere with teaching and learning.  Therefore, any clothing that appears to have a "gang influence" will not be allowed.  To enforce this, the board has the duty and obligation to intercede and establish a standard of dress for students in the district.  

    BOYS:  Navy blue or khaki pants or shorts and white or navy blue collared shirts (either dress shirts or golf shirts, but no T-shirts). No tank tops or muscle shirts are allowed. No oversize shirts or pants are allowed.  Shirt length cannot extend beyond the tips of fingers when student is standing with arms hanging down. 

    GIRLS:  Navy blue or khaki skirts, shorts or pants and white or navy blue blouse or top.  No tube tops, halter-tops, bare midriff shirts or skimpy blouses.  No short-short skirts or shorts are allowed.  Shorts should be at or past the fingertips when hands are at sides.  Narrow strapped (less than 1") tank tops low cut on armpits with low necklines are not allowed.  

    Jackets, sweatshirts and sweaters must be white or blue.  All jackets, sweatshirts and clothes must be a correct size and length.  No garments marked with any product brands, logos or slogans will be allowed. 

    Headgear for students are not to be worn on heads nor hung from pockets or belts.  Hats, caps or beanies are not allowed.  Only the adopted  Alicante School cap with the approved logo or plain visor is allowed.

    Belts:   Plain web belts and buckles of all colors are acceptable.  Web belt buckles with initials not accepted.  No large buckles are permitted.

    Shoes:  No open toed sandals or flip-flops are accepted.  Shoes must be worn at all times.

    Jewelry:  All jewelry should be small and appropriate.  Alicante School is not responsible for any items lost at school.

    NOTE: The Alicante School T-shirts or sweatshirts may be worn with the navy or khaki bottoms.  The Alicante office sells T-shirts, sweatshirts and caps with he Alicante School emblem.  The items are Alicante royal blue and have a tigercub on them.